When the Lehmann Shock hit the world in 2008 we were working on a project in Japan building a plant which was due to start production in April 2009. We met the target date for SOP with all requirements.

Unfortunately, on the same day, the client’s parent company filed for bankruptcy as a result of the global financial crisis. We were involved, engaged, committed.

We were providing the CEO and several other lead-functions in the Japanese entity.

We did not step back, we went through the crisis with the business in Japan, did not miss a single delivery to the client and restructured the going-concern for a successful change of owner in 2010, the financial and legal impact on all involved parties was brutal and complicated, but nobody went to court or stopped the lines. 

 In parallel we managed the down-sizing of many other clients in Japan. All of them came stronger out of the crisis than they were before!… 

…just to be hit by the triple tsunami catastrophe in 2011. The process with several clients started again: 

▪ What can we still afford? 

▪ What is our social responsibility? 

▪ How can we secure deliveries and services to clients? 

▪ Where are additional chances which we would not have without the crisis (M&A, weak competitors, price increases, release of incapable people under “loss-making-unit protection)? 

▪ How do we have to change our business-model, our processes, our offering? 

We have provided leadership, guidance and resources during both of the recent major crises in Japan. We know how to develop and implement a strategy which focuses on business-continuity fast. We have the experience, the expertise and the legal understanding to also support your business in Japan to develop chances out of situations which seem hopeless.  

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