1. Improve your presentation skills – Get your point across!
  2. Moderation Training – Polite, targeted and clear guidance.
  3. How to handle
    Online Conference Platforms
  4. English Course Extension: Work related Speech Training
  5.  Women only:
    Empower your female employees.
  6. 1on1 individual Training –
    A Tailored Company Collaboration


  • Develop self-confidence and a positive mindset towards international business making.
  • Get across comprehensible points even for complex topics.
  • Better exchange of communication.
  • Time and money saver: Efficient get-togethers.
  • Inspire others to take action and continually adapt to changing needs.
  • Confident and competent representation of your company.

Communicating with each other seems to be an everyday routine:
Words are exchanged to exchange information, initiate actions or communicate feelings. However, when misunderstandings and conflicts arise, it can be seen over and over again that the seemingly simple process of communication is indeed more complex than expected. It is a fact that in communication not only words are sent to the listener, but that a whole bundle of other unspoken information is sent along with those words. Especially in an intercultural environment, it makes sense to be aware of these individual components in context.

As a voice and speech coach, I work with people on feeling and appearing confident and competent in situations that involve speaking. I offer my self-composed methods to companies that operate in the international market. Together, we aim to bridge the gap between the polite and reserved communication culture of the Japanese and the the more direct, exuberant and sometimes loud western culture. I am often told that people lack the tools to overcome this difference.
Since my clients are experts in their fields, my focus is less on the content and more so on the overall appearance of the presentation, such as voice, articulation, gestures and facial expressions. I also give advice on how to stage oneself appropriate to the particular context. In sum, through my voice and speech coaching I provide employees with different techniques to present themselves and their company more confidently and impressively.

Short and Sweet, with immediate effect.

My coachings are very hands-on and consist of about 80% practical work with a client-centred approach to learning. Thus, I am always keen on developing realistic exercises and tasks together with my participants that suit them and their daily business. We achieve this by always considering the individual in his or hers entirety, with 360 ĚŠ feedback and a holistic approach – in 1on1 coachings just as much as in group trainings.