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With decades of experience in managing R&D organizations and developing products, we can guide you to the right decisions in vital R&D topics

We are R&D experts for Automotive, Transportation, Elevators; SW, Electrical and Mechanical Engineering

R&D and Strategy

Investing in R&D activities is essential for the future of any enterprise. The results of this investment can lead to innovative product and services, which give the decisive edge to compete in the markets.
R&D activities are long term oriented and must be immediately connected to the company strategy. Depp understanding and agreeing the core skills and knowledge and what in not is just one aspect to be considered.

Solution: Cross border Development (Automotive)

With our cross-border model we make sure to manage and adjust the unique challenges to develop products for and with overseas customer.
Dealing with communication and language limitations, Time zone difference, Cultural gaps are just a few of these challenges making the difference of success and failure of such projects.

Thanks to cultural, technical and commercial understanding, we can assign the right tasks to the right local and global skills and make sure that core competences stay in the right place.

Reference Projects

Truck Seating
Power Train
Inverter Digital Motor Control
EMC Design
Safety Systems
Embedded Real Time Systems
High Rise Elevator Systems


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R&D Processes

Product Change Managment
Qualification/Verification with OEM
Prototype setup/demonstration
Field claim Anaysis /FMEA
Inspection and Quality

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Vital R&D Managment

Stakeholder management/funding
Make our buy decisions
Global product roadmap and strategies
Structure and facilitate knowledge
Connect the dots within the organization, R&D budgeting
IP issues, technology management

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