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Why we use reteaming

Change is a process which includes many steps and those steps have to follow and include the human needs to feel motivation for change.

No tool fits better to empower your team to enjoy change.

The perfect tool to make your team the source for solutions

The Reteaming Programme has become the latest corporate response to working with participants’ minds to maximise the potential of limited human resources. The main feature of the Reteaming programme is that it is designed to work on the minds of the participants to change their minds and behaviour. No matter how many action plans you make, if you don’t have the heart (motivation), you won’t be able to carry them out. On the other hand, if you don’t have the know-how to take action, you can’t do it no matter how much you have in your mind (motivation). The Reteaming Programme is a programme that achieves results through the interaction of mind and action.

After introducing the programme, mental changes such as an improved sense of belonging to a team, increased motivation and a sense of unity, and behavioural changes such as constructive problem-solving, energetic action, and smooth communication will be observed. It is also effective as a preventive measure for mental health care.

Reteaming fits organisational status such as the following;

  • Teams with high capabilities and motivations, which want to outperform and be more powerful
  • People criticise their company and their management, and their environment
  • People have a feeling of estrangement
  • Targets have become mere skeletons
  • In-house communication does not work effectively and regularly happening
  • Some members are becoming physically and or mentally unhealthy
  • Overall low motivation in the organisation

5 elements expected to rise after the Reteaming workshop

  1. Cooperation between members
  2. Contribution to teams
  3. Relevant and meaningful interaction
  4. Taking a step towards the goals
  5. The joy of belonging

Our licenced Reteaming Coach provides a “Reteaming Workshop”, which will fully utilise the process of Reteaming 12 steps with a “Solution-focused approach”.

Example of a program)

Reteaming session Part 1 (4 hours)

  1. Setting the aims and objectives of the training.
  2. Overview of Reteaming; background to the development of teaming and the basic idea.
  3. Solution-focused approach: The foundation of Reteaming is a “solution-focused approach”. It is a method that focuses on solving problems rather than pursuing the causes.
  4. Teamwork experience: warm-up exercise as a prelude to learning about Reteaming.
  5. Group work through the Reteming process: Group work using the steps of Reteaming to explore solutions to the problems of the participating groups.
  6. Presentation: Participants present the “first steps you can take today” derived from the work. Participants share concrete actions to achieve their goals.
  7. Reflection

Reteaming session Part 2 (4 hours)

  1. Reconfirmation of objectives and goals
  2. Status confirmation of the goals set in Part 1
  3. Group work: Using the reteaming steps, the participants will adjust their goals as necessary and implement plans for routinisation to improve their organisational skills.
  4. Presentation
  5. Reflection

Note: Part 1 and 2 will take place with the interval of 1 ~ 2 months.